About Ice Cream on the go

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Since 2001, Ice Cream On the Go has traveled to hundreds of events at local, regional and state fairs. During our decade of Ice Cream on the Go, we have dished up thousands of ice cream cones and cold drinks for the hot and thirsty patrons. Our unique giant ice cream cone balloon is a hit at every location. (*See our map)

Only the Best Ice Cream

We pride ourselves in the fact we use only the very best ingredients to create our mouth-watering ice cream. We get compliments about our ice cream at every location.

Traveling the Mid-West to bring the Best Ice Cream to the Event

Every year, I travel several states bringing the best ice cream served under our unique giant ice cream cone balloon. I get to meet some of the nicest people every where I go. Sometimes the events get rained out, but the show must go on. Look us up at the next fair or special event. Our map shows our typical travel route.

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